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Happy customers

Happy customers


"It was autumn and it was about time to set up the first autumn set of 2018. I did it using one of the @instaset.backdrops backgrounds and I was fascinated!"

Silvia Matzeu


"We are both professional photographers for a long time, and we've always been looking for good backdrops. Then we found Instaset backdrops. We use them to take pictures of food and other products. Instaset backdrops have made it easier for us to work - they are easy to use, waterproof, just the right size and look really real! #recommend"

Tin and Iza


"I’m always looking for new surfaces for my photography and these @instaset.backdrops are everything! First off they’re made from vinyl which means they can be cleaned once you’ve made a mess - second; they’re flexible, which means you can just roll them up and hide them away in a postertube once you’re done 😍 #yesplease"

Matias Milton Vase


"I usually work on wood backdrops that I make my own. But when I’ve to work in other cities it’s not that easy to bring the backdrops with me. The vinyl format is a good solution and I’m sure my students will love it too."

Gianpiera Conti


"Let’s face it. I am not a photographer, food stylist or any of these amazing profiles. Yet I love taking nice photos for me or my clients. I am always on the hunt for the next best prop or backdrop, which to be fair are hard to find. Or at best are so heavy to take around. Which is why I absolutely love instaset backdrops. The quality is amazing, I can take it with me wherever I go and I can easily wash it if it gets dirty during photo sessions. Now I finally feel I have option and choices and it just feels great."

Nina Gaspari


"I was always on the hunt for backdrops like these and I’m so happy I discovered instaset backdrops. They are easy to carry around, totally flexible and on top of that also waterproof, which makes product photography that much easier. I also absolutely love different textures as they look so natural and there is an amazing selection to choose from. You can simply roll them back up after you are done and don’t need much space for storage. Would highly recommend to any photographer!"



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