Creating backdrops that inspire your most successful photos.

In my role as designer and content creator I have often arrived at the problem of how to present my products to my clients in the most appealing way. This motivated me to start developing backdrops that best convey the desired atmosphere and appropriate theme on photographs. My clients were very excited about how the photos turned out. The question I most frequently got asked was: “Where did you shoot this? In which studio?” But my photo studio was in fact a backdrop in the form of a table and natural lighting. That’s the secret. So, I decided to take it a step further by developing my backdrops in finer detail and share my secret behind my successful photos with you.

Our backdrops can withstand food pigment and oil spills, cosmetic products stains, and on top of everything they are lightweight, durable and rollable. All backdrops are created in collaboration with professional photographers. High details in print were also an utmost important thing to us, as an ad it creates a realistic feel, suitable also for close-up shots. The final results are amazing backdrops that will inspire your creations and serve you a long time.

I hope that our backdrops inspire your most successful photos.

Always behind you!
Danaja Oblak, founder

Danaja Oblak